Learning Before Birth: Every Child Deserves Giftedness

240 pages, 8 illustrations, ISBNs 1-58820-231-3 and 1-4107-4276-8.
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Paperback at all major bookstores and maternity retailers.  Published 2003.

"I really enjoyed Learning Before Birth."

Armin Brott, author of The Expectant FatherThe New Father The Single Father

This landmark report describes the prenatal enrichment success which has caught public, professional, and media attention throughout the world. Children from every background are being provided powers never previously enjoyed: superlative intellect, prolific creativity, emotional balance, and profuse compassion. Defining a new IQ norm of 150, their amazing aptitude enables them to resolve problems with far greater speed and effectiveness than peers unstimulated before birth. Over merely a few years, the fate of global culture is moving into especially capable hands.

The history, theory, evidence, instructions, and implications for an ancient art brought current can be found in this cornerstone volume. Praise has been lavished upon what many consider the optimal scientific breakthrough, and who better to tell that story than its source. Every expectant parent owes their offspring at least consideration of a choice that simply as well as safely furnishes those means by which the individual, family, and entire human community will benefit beyond measure. Lightyears past other educational resources, this book accesses the miraculous . . . a breathtaking accomplishment.

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Gods: A Prehistoric Fiction

Hardcover and paperback forthcoming.

What begins at the millennium's end with an unexpected invitation to visit his childhood friend--now living on a remote Polynesian island--thrusts retired history professor Alexander McDuff ("veteran nonentity," virgin soul as well as body) among a world of underground thought, radical science, natural beauty, ideal love, political intrigue, brutal tragedy, and cosmic responsibility . . . revolving around the brilliant but mysterious medical researcher, John Nemo, father to veracious Tahia.

When entertaining abstractions suddenly confront a reality of potentially fatal dimensions--for himself if not civilization--Alex must reinterpret the classic distinction between truth and fiction, then act upon it . . . while readers are encouraged to fully participate in a monomythic quest whose implications loom "more than real."

Beyond any traditional novel's definition, Gods offers its grand unified theory of consciousness for improving history, an opportunity to conscientiously change futures; the result is a personal, even collective guidebook of prophetic consequence heralding that tomorrow we are only starting to understand, an apocalyptic imperative if existence means not merely survival.

Bemusings: Collected Poems 

Hardcover and paperback forthcoming.

Over 2500 poems from Brent Logan's many collections. Some of the most prestigious poets have applauded his philosophic scrutiny, psychological insight, political perspective, ethical fortitude, bittersweet irony, and lyrical wit applied to the human lifespan--in natural as well as cultural settings.


Algorithmic Haiku


Further publications in this pivotal canon are being prepared.

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