Selected bibliography of Brent Logan's literary publications


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"The Lifelike" (poem), volume 9, number 1, page 36, The Miscellany, Davidson College, Davidson, North Carolina, Winter 1974

"Mac's Enjoyment" and "Mac Rationalizes--Rightly, Wrongly" (poems), Consumption, volume 1, number 4, page 36, Seattle, Summer 1968

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"Wax and Feathers," "The Tartar" (poems), Fang, volume XIV, number 3, pages 4-5, Occidental College, Los Angeles, January 1960, First and Second Prizes, Margaret Trust Poetry Awards

"Thorns" (poem), National College Poetry Fellowship, Summer Anthology 1960, page 38, Los Angeles, Award poem

"Wax and Feathers" (poem), America Sings, 1959 Anthology of College Poetry, page 72, Los Angeles

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