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Director of Prenatal Institute, which he founded in 1982, Brent Logan is the acclaimed originator of a quantum advance in human development who brought its message to the vast populations of China, Russia, India, and Southeast Asia. Now, prompted by requests from parents everywhere, this vision is available from numerous sources for anyone wishing to create a better future through nurturing greater opportunity during pregnancy.

Pursuing a suggestion from his late wife, Helga Bothe, since 1982 he has pioneered how best to enrich the fetus: His theoretical articles and clinical studies in academic journals initiated neurogenetic investigations which produced BabyPlus, the only effective technology providing lifetime benefits for our next generation.

Reports about Brent Logan's findings appear regularly in leading publications and as television or radio features on national networks; the popular documentary, "Brave New Babies," narrated by actress Miranda Richardson, has aired in a dozen countries, and repeatedly on The Learning Channel. His efforts have caught the attention of many prominent interests, from the education and medical communities to the corporate sector and governments.

After service as an army photojournalist in Germany, he received graduate degrees in the United States before teaching at the university level, then headed international, multicultural, and social service programs for 15 years, working closely with dysfunctional adults, disadvantaged children, and the mentally ill. This background is strongly reflected in his writings about developmental psychology.

Founder of several research facilities, Brent Logan continues groundbreaking projects which better both humankind and its environment. When not speaking worldwide before professional groups or the public, he resides in the American Pacific Northwest with his wife, Karin Müller; they have three BabyPlus grandchildren.

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